Agricultural Estate with Agritourism

Experience something out of the ordinary, the authentic beauty of our region

Hello, very nice to meet you! Our names are Matteo and Emmanuelle, and we’re the owners of this agricultural estate with agritourism. The Baldeschi Agricultural Estate has belonged to Matteo’s family for many generations. As a small boy, Matteo played among the olive trees, while his father taught him how to take care of each individual plant. We’re both agricultural entrepreneurs and owners of this hospitality facility.

We’re a family with one child, and we live here, in the farmhouse that goes by the name of the Piratello. We love our work because it allows us to combine two activities that we’re passionate about: cultivating the fields (especially olive trees) and offering hospitality to people in a corner of paradise which we like to share. Our rural surroundings have retained their genuine, uncompromised character. This is a place to experience culture and nature, the perfect spot for re-establishing deep contact with the natural environment and with ourselves.

Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

Matteo looks after the olive trees and the olive oil. You’ll often see him walking among the trees at sunset, looking at Lake Trasimeno, or working the land and taking care of the plants during the daylight hours. He also fixes the tools that need mending, organises the farm work and takes reservations. Although he’s discreet, he’s always available to give advice, explain how our olive oil is made and to handle any request during your stay.


Emmanuelle gives expression to her artistic sense and creativity in furnishing the rooms and drafting the publicity materials that our operation requires. Her talent as a graphic artist is essential for communicating – both online and offline – the sensations that this pleasant location and its products are able to offer. She also handles reservations, but above all she likes walking and accompanying guests on long (or short) walks among the hills. She’s a real expert on the areas surrounding our agritourism, able to show guests small, secret places that are truly surprising.

We are aided by a small staff who help with organising the holidays of our guests, a trusted team who have become a part of our family. Among them is Debora, who is truly irreplaceable. As our receptionist, she’s the first person to greet you and handle the check in and check out procedures. She’ll also help you to make your purchases in our small shop. You can ask her for suggestions about what to see, where to eat, etc., so you can plan your stay just the way you want. She’s also the one who organises the cooking classes and tastings. You’ll never forget her smile!


Catia and Ornella handle the cleaning of the rooms, performing their work with attention and care, while Julian and Kahlifa help with work the fields, pruning the plants and making our garden into an intimate and wonderful park.
This is who we are. We’re looking forward to getting to know you. We’ll be expecting you!