Agritourism Assisi

Not too far from our agritourism, Assisi soon becomes visible, in all its enchanting mediaeval splendour

We’re located just 45 minutes from Assisi by car, immersed in the greenery of the natural setting that has always accompanied the history of the saint. We welcome you to our agritourism with swimming pools, an ideal place for families, couples and lone travellers in search of an intimate atmosphere, perfect silence, and energy to revitalise the body and the mind.

Sunflowers bloom here in summer, while paths leading into the wood are lined with broom. A hillside in bloom is visible behind the olive trees, a place that was once used for gardens and which today makes for a perfect setting for children to gather violets and weave daisies.
If you like the idea of living in the countryside, you’ll love our farm, a family-run agritourism near Assisi where time stands still and which offers a high quality of life. Here we follow the slow and soothing rhythm of our roots.
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What to see in Assisi

Assisi is a true Umbrian small town, perched on a hill, with a compact and huddled air. It’s so enchanting that it seems to have changed little over the centuries. Walking along the age-old streets you’ll notice many thrilling details. Just a stroll through this small, intricate labyrinth will leave you spellbound. The best-known of Assisi’s attractions is certainly the Basilica of St Francis, built just two years after the saint’s death. Elias of Cortona, the friar who in a certain sense was his heir, received a plot of land on the Colle dell’inferno as a gift, the place where previously condemned persons were hanged.

La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

Immediately after the canonisation of St Francis in 1228, Pope Gregory IX placed the first stone on this site, together with Elias. The basilica was completed in 1230 and was adorned over time with fresco cycles by Cimabue, Giotto, the Lorenzetti brothers and Simone Martini.
From the outside it almost looks like a fort, but in reality it’s the aesthetic result of the overlaying of two churches.

To follow the story of St Francis, you must visit two other sights: the Church of Santa Chiara, a small Gothic parish dear to the Order of Saint Clare, and the Eremo di Carceri, the hermitage where St Francis came to pray with his followers. It’s about 4 km from the historic centre and represents a solitary, evocative place that takes its name from its isolated location.

The historic centre strikes visitors for its incredible beauty. In Piazza del Duomo you’ll find the Tempio di Minerva, which made such a lasting impression on Goethe (it was the first ruin from classical times that he admired during his Italian journey). The temple’s façade is perfectly preserved, with its six columns resting on the stairway, each capped with a majestic Corinthian capital. It served many different purposes throughout the centuries; at a certain point it was also a prison, only later taking on its present function of church.

In the same square you can admire the Torre del Popolo, whose construction began in 1276, the Fontana dei tre leoni, and the Palazzo dei priori. Beneath the square you can also visit the Roman Forum.

The Cathedral of San Rufino is also linked to St Francis’s hagiography (legend has it that he was baptised and delivered his first sermon here), while a visit to the Pinacoteca Comunale is also of interest, the museum where you can admire several detached frescoes from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, together with a Maestà attributed to Giotto.

La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

Where to eat in Assisi

Trattoria Pallotta is the first place that comes to mind. It’s right in the centre, and even though it’s easy to find it has always managed to offer high-quality food at honest prices. This is a great place for lunch if you’d like to try typical dishes of Umbrian cuisine.

Ristorante La Stalla: as its name suggests, it really was a stall in the past. This is an excellent restaurant whose menu centres on meat. It retains a mediaeval atmosphere, with its stone walls blackened from the smoke of the fireplaces and grills and its large tables and benches. Here you can sample torta al testo (flatbread), polenta with sausage, beans with pork rind and especially grilled meats and cheeses.

Il Menestrello is a restaurant and pizzeria in a suggestive atmosphere (you’ll be surrounded by Roman walls). A piece of advice: in addition to the pasta dishes with black truffles and pecorino cheese, here you should try the rack of lamb with herbs and the fillet of pork with honey and Cannara onions.

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