Agritourism Todi

After a tasty breakfast, leave the agritourism and head toward Todi, whose enchanting atmosphere will soon unfold in front of you.

There are a number of reasons for why you should leave the agritourism and head to Todi. It’s a town set in the magnificent hills of Umbria, immersed in its green heart, a place of authentic beauty, famous for being ‘the most liveable city in the world’ (according to research by the Center for Sustainable Cities of Kentucky University).

If you’re looking for idyllic peace, relaxation and comfort, for a romantic escape or for a base to visit our region, our agritourism near Todi will give you a warm and familiar welcome. You’ll find yourself in one of our two farm houses, renovated in keeping with the same taste that inspired its construction, in a spacious, suggestive apartment just for you.
The perfect place for a family walk, for relaxing and meditating, for dedicating a little time to yourselves and your children. Just 50 minutes by car from Todi, our resort provides you with the luxury of authenticity, a word which perfectly characterises the entire territory of Umbria.

What to see in Todi

To be perfectly honest, you don’t even need the suggestions that follow.
Book your holiday and get ready for a voyage of discovery: getting lost is the best way to experience Todi. It’s a small town, and the best thing to do is to get lost in it for a day, walking through it end to end, taking in the small details that you’ll come across at every step.

But if you’ve read this far, let’s start at the beginning. Legend has it that an eagle stole a tablecloth from the town’s ‘founders’ while they were eating breakfast. The eagle brought it to the peak of a hill.
This was interpreted as a sign to build the town here, whose origins date to the 8th century.

La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

The first thing to see is the Church of San Fortunato, located at the highest point of the town, at the top of a stairway. It was consecrated in 1088 and dedicated to St Fortunatus. The adjacent sacristy preserves the remains of Jacopone da Todi. The sacristy deserves a visit, together with the interior of the church (where you’ll find a fresco by Masolino da Panicale) and the bell tower. From the top of the hill you’ll have a breath-taking view of the town.

Nearby you can also visit the Cathedral of Santissima Annunziata, first constructed in the 12th century over the ruins of a temple dedicated to the god Apollo and then rebuilt many times, in part because of its nearly complete destruction in 1190 by fire. Its characteristic stairway takes you to the attractive Romanesque façade.

In the same area you’ll find the Palazzo dei Priori, the Museo Civico and the Pinacoteca, though from here we recommend walking along the Via delle Mura antiche as well as the perimeters of the three sets of ring-shaped town walls, which were gradually added over the centuries, as can be seen from the numerous gates throughout the town. Among these, you’ll find Porta Marzia, for example, which forms part of the first set of Etruscan walls that enclose the oldest part of the town.

Other must-see attractions include the Tempio di Santa Maria della Consolazione (attributed to Donato Bramante) and the Arco del Monastero di San Francesco, built in 1732 to connect the two buildings that make up the different parts of the monastery, which is divided by Via del Borgo Nuovo.

La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

Where to eat in Todi

If you’re in the mood for experimenting, we recommend trying the Pasticcio di Iacopone. This typical dish in Todi is a large ravioli cut into slices and topped with a tasty ragù. When it comes to food, there’s an embarrassment of riches in Todi: as in the rest of Umbria, you’ll eat very well wherever you go. You’ll typically find informal places at quite reasonable prices. Here are three places that we’ve chosen for you:

Trattoria Da Piero e Silvana: located on one of the main streets of Todi, it offers typical dishes of Umbrian cuisine as well as a selection of excellent vegetarian choices. For the price, the quality of the food is quite high. Try the zuppa del contadino (‘farmer’s soup’) and the taglieri della casa (mixed house platters)!

Osteria Novecento is an elegant and sober restaurant serving traditional Umbrian dishes, with a menu that changes each season. A place that evokes love of cuisine and culinary tradition. The décor includes old kitchen implements, and all the pasta is made by hand.

Il Grottino is the ideal place for lunch with the children. Here they combine street food with quality in a menu of sandwiches, hamburgers, torte al testo (the best flatbread in Todi), grilled vegetables and much more. The perfect spot for tasty food and fast service.

Book your holiday now and start dreaming of your stay at an agritourism near Todi. You’ll have an unforgettable time. We’ll be expecting you!