Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Umbria

The king of genuine Italian cuisine, extra virgin olive oil in Umbria finds its most perfect expression here. On this page we introduce you to Baldeschi Agricultural Estate olive oil.

For generations we have been attentive and dedicated producers of extra virgin olive oil. For us, Umbria is the land which has olive oil in its DNA, as is attested to by ancient documents, which prove that the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil date back to the 1st century BC, when the Etruscans marketed green oil in Rome.


Extra virgin olive oil is Umbria’s crown jewel. And the Baldeschi Agricultural Estate produces a special oil with love and expertise. Our olive oil is strong tasting and aromatic, characterised by perfect sensations of bitterness and spiciness. BALDESCHI extra virgin olive oil.
The cultivars that go into making our oil are Leccino, Frantoio, Dolce Agogia and Moraiolo. We only take olives from the trees (and never from the ground!). We press the olives no more than 12 hours after harvesting at controlled temperatures to obtain cold extraction. This process is necessary to obtain a flawless oil, with organoleptic characteristics and health benefits that last over time.

Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

Our oil speaks of Umbria, whether we bottle it for tasting at our agritourism or sell it online. It has the authentic taste of hillsides covered with centuries-old olive trees, whose incredible constellation of green dominates the entire panorama. This extra virgin olive oil speaks of children at play during the harvest, just like Matteo as a young boy, running around his relatives and helping out with the work as well. It tells a story made up of authentic human traditions, consisting of getting up at the break of dawn to fertilise the trees and take care of the leaves so that the plants remain healthy and are able to provide a surprising product each year.


Umbrian extra virgin olive oil is usually tasted on toasted bread. This encounter with warm bread brings out the oil’s aroma and taste. You’ll be able to try it yourselves at the special tasting sessions at our agritourism.
And if you visit us in autumn, you’ll also have the chance of participating in the harvest if you’d like to. This is a joyful experience in a familiar, rural atmosphere, made of simple things and the beauty of spending time together.
Come and taste our oil and experience something unique!