Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Umbria

Discover our extra virgin olive oil from Umbria, come and taste Baldeschi's evo olive oil at our agriturismo, buy directly or online

Our Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The production of extra virgin olive oil is a tradition close to our hearts. We passionately cultivate our olive groves, located in the Umbrian hills overlooking Lake Trasimeno, to ensure a genuine, high-quality product


Every year, we harvest the olives at the right time of ripeness and quickly transform them into oil to preserve all their organoleptic properties.


The result is an extra virgin olive oil with a fruity flavor and intense aroma, perfect for enhancing any dish. Our oil is rich in antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, ideal for those seeking a healthy and natural diet. 

During your stay at Agriturismo Baldeschi, you will have the opportunity to participate in guided tastings, ranging from simple ones to those accompanied by typical local products, to discover all the secrets of our production. You can also buy our oil online or in our small shop in the farmhouse.

Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

From the Land to the Table: The Art of Our Oil


At Agriturismo Baldeschi, extra virgin olive oil is not just a product, but a true family heritage

Matteo, the owner, takes great care in managing the olive groves and producing the oil, following the legacy passed down from his father Benedetto. 


Our olives are transformed into an oil that is the result of a careful and environmentally friendly process.

Our extra virgin olive oil is distinguished by its purity and quality, obtained through cold pressing techniques that preserve all its natural characteristics.


Book a tasting


We invite you to taste our oil, choosing from various types of tastings, from simple ones to those paired with typical local products.

Book a tasting at +39 339 722 48 46 or by writing to us at info@agriturismobaldeschi.com

Our shop is located in our Baldeschi farmhouse, Loc. Rio 1, Tuoro sul Trasimeno