Wellness, Culture and Tradition

Unique experiences for body and soul. Discover the Sale di Sopra, where culture merges with wellness on a journey through our traditions.

At the Sale di Sopra, our commitment goes beyond traditional hospitality.

Each space tells a story, combining the charm of our land with the works of Marialuisa De Romans, an eclectic artist and traveller.

To reach our agritourism, you’ll drive down country roads lined with olive trees and vineyards, with uncultivated fields in bloom and sunflowers. You’ll gradually immerse yourself in nature and realise that you’re in the ideal place for cutting ties with the routine. If you want, you can leave the world behind here to rebalance body and mind and dedicate precious time to yourself.

Regain your confidence amidst open green spaces; rediscover the joy of being caressed by the wind, or of clearly distinguishing the scents of spring and autumn during a walk in the hills. Let yourself be pampered by the pleasant silence that pervades the entire agritourism. Wellbeing comes together here in the little big things.

In our Sale di Sopra, we want to offer you more than just a place to stay.

Each space tells a story, combining the charm of our cultural land of this ‘globetrotting’ artist, as she liked to call herself.


A Shala for practising
Our 50 square metre Shala is a cosy space dedicated to wellness, where body and soul meet. We offer yoga classes, meditation moments and retreats that invite you to explore your inner self in a peaceful and relaxing environment.


Malù Library
Immerse yourself in culture and art in our library, where books and unique works of art envelop you in a world of knowledge and beauty. It is the ideal place to relax with a herbal tea, immersing yourself in the stories and art collected here.


Sauna and relaxation
Our sauna in the China room is a treasure trove of well-being, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration. An invitation to let go of tensions and embrace tranquillity.


Eat and Share
In the old barn converted into a convivial area, we offer a place to eat authentic local delicacies and taste our extra virgin olive oil. A culinary experience that celebrates the meeting of flavours and traditions also in a vegetal way.


Explore Our Hills and Taste Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil
From our hills, we invite you to discover our scenic routes and beautiful walks immersed in nature.