Enchanting Agritourism in Umbria

Here your holiday will last 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. Discover the enchantment of our agritourism and begin your adventure.

Your holiday begins at this enchanting agritourism in Umbria. The typical accommodation possibilities for your holiday are hotels, bed and breakfasts or villas, facilities that are usually conceived as places to sleep and perhaps to eat. By contrast, we think of an agritourism as an experience, a place where you can feel genuine emotions, discover a land and rediscover yourself. We put all our passion into every detail, guided by a true spirit of friendship toward our guests, which we express in our family-style hospitality.

Our agritourism is all inclusive because it offers everything you need to relax, to rediscover the spark of emotion, to strengthen ties within the family or in couples, to recover your equilibrium. Rather than a wellness centre or spa, we believe in the power of the verdant nature that surrounds us. If you wish, we’ll take you on unforgettable walks, where you’ll get to know small hills and other hidden places that we’ve discovered over the years. We’ll share our small secrets with you, such as the names of native flora, and point out field greens or the tracks recently left by wild animals.

Our agritourism facility is made of two enchanting structures: the Rio di Sopra Farm and the Piratello, both of which have a swimming pool. These are two buildings whose visible stone exteriors tell the stories of families of day labourers who worked the surrounding fields, of centuries of olive harvesting, of the games of children and foot races through the fields, of the most authentic and lively freedom, in the fullest sense of the word. Two structures set in the beating heart of Italy in a magical land straddling the Apennines, a natural concentration of culture, art, food and wine, breath-taking views, wooded areas, forests, lakes, streams, gorges, hot springs, walking paths and mediaeval villages that are still intact.

This is where we chose to live. To be precise, our family lives in an apartment of the Piratello, together with the numerous chickens which live in the open air and a few machines which help us carry out the daily work in the fields. We like the idea of continuing the tradition of basing our lives on olive oil, the green gold which illuminates our dinner table and the daily gatherings of mother, father and children. We’re connected to our environment and we feel part of an incredible ecosystem, which we’d like to share with you.

Similarly, we’d like to tell you something about ourselves. That’s why in each of our apartments you’ll find family pictures, paintings by Matteo’s grandmother, who was a true art expert and artist. We’ve put these on the walls to create a sense of a journey within a journey. Each apartment in the two structures is elegant yet rustic, rich in original details to be discovered.

So your holiday will be rural-chic, characterised by real, authentic sensations. You’ll experience intense relaxation and close contact with nature. You’ll experience a comfortable regeneration without forgoing the elegance and pampering that one usually looks for on holiday.

We look forward to your visit in a place close to Lake Trasimeno, Perugia and Tuscany, where you’ll rediscover the luxury of small things and wellbeing.