Enchanting Agritourism in Umbria

Azienda Baldeschi, Agritourism, Oil, and the Art of Wellness

Agriturismo Baldeschi is a unique experience that combines the aesthetics of our interiors, with the excellence of Baldeschi extra virgin olive oil produced in the hills surrounding the Lake Trasimeno.

Located between the countryside of Umbria and Tuscany, Agriturismo Baldeschi is much more than a tourist destination; it is a place where wellness, art and culture come together to create a unique experience.


Our interiors are a visual story that embraces the past with authenticity and integrates unique styles from various backgrounds. The decor often comes from a passionate search for furniture that has a story to tell.

Paintings by painter Maria Luisa de Romans, the grandmother of Matthew the owner, give a unique personality to the spaces, creating a connection between art and hospitality.

The presence of numerous books conveys a commitment to spreading culture and good taste, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a world of knowledge.

What is our philosophy?

Attention to aesthetics, with harmonious furnishings that blend historic authenticity with various styles, creates anatmosphere of authentic elegance.

The wide range of amenities, including a seasonal swimming pool, extra virgin olive oil tastings, yoga classes and use of the Sale di Sopra for retreats, positions the agriturismo as a place dedicated to wellness and relaxation.

Located in the Umbrian hills, the agriturismo offers an intimate connection with nature, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and outdoor activities.

The Sale di Sopra, decorated with works by Marialuisa De Romans and other artists create a uniquecultural atmosphere that adds a distinctive artistic element to the overall experience.

The proximity to Lake Trasimeno, access to Tuscany, and extra virgin olive oil production from the surrounding hills create a unique offering that stands out in the region.

Art in agriturismo

Our accommodations and interiors decorated with the fascinating works of Marialuisa De Romans, represent not only a harmonious fusion of art and environment, but also serve as a common thread, weaving an artistic narrative that extends to every corner of the farmhouse.

In every room and every apartment, paintings and the works of art create a unique scenery, transforming the spaces into an evocative art exhibition that enchants and inspires.

Our farmhouse offers not only a place to stay, but an opportunity to enter a unique environment, where aesthetic beauty blends with the tranquility of nature.