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Welcome to our “Sale di Sopra”, the authentic soul of our farmhouse on Lake Trasimeno. Discover a unique space where culture, wellness, yoga and hospitality are intertwined in harmony.

In our Yoga Room at the Sale di Sopra of the Agriturismo Baldeschi, a place where practice blends with the serenity of the Umbrian countryside. If you are a yoga teacher looking for a unique space to conduct your retreats, you are in the right place.


Why choose our yoga room?

Enchanting atmosphere: Our room is immersed in the beauty of nature, with ancient walls and natural light filtering through the windows, creating an enveloping environment.
Versatility of space: From physical practice to meditation, our room offers the flexibility to adapt to different yoga disciplines and wellness activities.
Unique experiences: We organise retreats and workshops, offering teachers the opportunity to lead extraordinary experiences in an inspiring environment.


Our Yoga Room is 50 square meters with parquet flooring and underfloor heating.

Why organize your retreat with us?

Peace and tranquility: The tranquillity of the countryside favours an immersive experience, allowing participants to get away from the daily hustle and bustle.
Organisational support: Our team will be at your side to ensure perfect organisation, from accommodation to room set-up.
Vegetarian or Vegan Cuisine: We offer local delicacies and nutritious food, helping to create a complete wellness experience.

La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

Complete the experience with our additional services and yoga retreat packages:

Rejuvenating massages: take advantage of our relaxing massages to complete your spa experience.

Sauna and relaxation: relax in our sauna after a practice.

Nature walks: explore the surroundings with picturesque walks through hills of Umbria

Herb gathering: discover the world of wild herbs with our guided gathering experiences.

Herbal cooking classes: add a culinary dimension to your retreat with our herbal cooking classes with Ayurvedic and macrobiotic cues.


Contact us to plan your retreat:

If you are a yoga teacher looking for a special place to host your retreat, contact us today.

We are excited to partner with you to create a memorable experience for participants.

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La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra
La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra

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